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Our mission is to provide continuous, unobtrusive, real-time information to manage your cyber security posture.

Stay on top of your cyber security posture with our innovative analytics software. 

Introspectus was founded in 2017 by Eugene Nolan to create innovative software that helps organisations make better-informed decisions about their IT resources. Now, Introspectus is a trusted IT partner for organisations around the world. Let us help you improve your cyber security posture.

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Meet our Leadership Team

The Introspectus Leadership Team blends extensive industry expertise with visionary thinking.

Introspectus - Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips


Varley Group Managing Director, Jeff Phillips has transformed a small family engineering business into an extremely successful, reputable, and diverse company with more than 1,000 employees at multiple sites around Australia and the world.

Jeff started at Varley Group as head of the Aerospace division in 1993 and quickly demonstrated his leadership ability. In 1995, Jeff assumed the position of Managing Director and the business entered a strong era of growth with revenue now exceeding $130 million per annum.

While he runs the business on strong commercial lines, Jeff recognises the legacy of this company’s rich 130+ year history and leads with continuing motivation to grow both nationally and internationally.

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Introspectus - Egune Nolan

Eugene Nolan

Director and Founder

Eugene Nolan is the founder of Introspectus. He originates from Ireland and moved to Australia in 2001. Eugene has a diploma in Electronic Engineering and 30 years’ experience in the IT industry working for large corporate organisations including Intel Corporation and several managed service providers.

Eugene founded Introspectus in 2017 to provide organisations with real-time insight into their IT usage to help them monitor the effectiveness of their IT security compliance.

While Varley Group purchased a controlling share of Introspectus in 2022, day-to-day operations are still managed by Eugene.

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