Application Performance

What is Application Performance and how does it work?

Application Performance is a measure of how long applications take to load within an organisation.

Application performance problems within an organisation are typically logged by users that have noticed an application running slowly or taking a long time to open. These performance issues are then reviewed by an engineer from a server, network, or storage perspective using a variety of specialised tools.

These tools do not look at an application from a user’s perspective, but rather analyse different components of the IT system.

Performance results are usually reviewed in isolation and often do not identify the application performance problem.

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Why is Application Performance important?

It can be difficult for a user to quantify the extent of an application performance issue when trying to explain their issue to the service desk.

Engineers typically try to diagnose an application performance issue after it has happened and often without knowing the exact time the performance issue occurred.

Users can complain of an application performance issue causing engineers to perform expensive analysis work when in reality the application performance issue is a one-off event.

An organisation can significantly reduce the cost associated with investigating application performance as application performance will be known at all locations within the organisation.

Introspectus Key Features

What's the solution?

Introspectus will help identify locations or users with application performance-related issues. This information can be used to answer questions like:

  • Is this performance normal at this location?
  • Do all locations have the same performance issue?
  • Was this performance issue a one-off occurrence?

Introspectus gathers user statistics to measure application performance from your user’s workstations. Introspectus uses all workstations within an organisation as monitoring tools, providing a comparison between computers over the period of time selected.

Introspectus records the application performance of nominated applications by measuring the time taken from when an application executable is started up to when a specific application class is loaded within the application. This information is used to generate reports that demonstrate application performance.

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