Real-Time Risk Assessment

Introspectus Assessor provides real-time Executive and Board-level reporting into your security posture measured against the Essential Eight Maturity Model. The Introspectus Assessor Agent is deployed to the devices across your organisation and tests and reports on your current Essential Eight security maturity. 

Cloud based Cyber Security Solutions

Introspectus Assessor

Business Benefits

Real-Time Assurance

Continuous testing and reporting of your Essential Eight security posture.

Board and Executive Reporting

Board-ready dashboards and reports.

Holistic Viewpoint of Compliance

High level analysis of your organisation’s current Essential Eight Maturity.

Introspectus Assessor Cyber Security Platform

Device Specific Detail

Compliance information at the individual device level with details of ISM Control pass/fails.

Remediation Advice

Information to assist with remediation of Essential Eight compliance gaps for each security control.

Adaptable Rules Engine

Assistance with the creation of bespoke testing rules to execute on your devices.

Introspectus Assessor and the Essential Eight​

The threat of cyber-attack is a persistent and growing concern for organisations of all sizes and industries.  Each year, more organisations are finding that their risk mitigations have not been enough to keep out cyber hackers and then find themselves as front page news.

One of the best approaches to mitigate cyber risk for an organisation is through the implementation of the Essential Eight Maturity Model.

The Essential Eight are the eight baseline mitigation strategies that are recommended to help protect your organisation from various cyber threats.  Implementing the Essential Eight security controls can help to mitigate up to 85% of cyber incidents.

These strategies are designed to counteract the most common and severe cyber threats, and they have been shown to be effective in reducing the likelihood of a successful attack. 

One of the issues with cyber security is that many believe that it is a one-off investment to implement mitigations.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Like any financial or operational risk that needs to be governed, cyber security risk mitigation needs to be ongoing.  A cyber security strategy needs to be developed and implemented and then audited regularly to ensure mitigations are in place and are effective.

Introspectus has created a tool to automate the testing of your organisation’s ACSC Essential Eight maturity and support your ongoing management and governance of cyber security risks.

Introspectus Assessor has been designed to help organisations reduce their costs of cyber security governance and risk management by providing automated assessment of their organisation against the Essential Eight Maturity Model. 

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