Patch Applications

What are Patch Applications and how do they work?

Vendors regularly provide application patches to fix vulnerabilities that make them susceptible to cyber-attack.

Because these vulnerabilities are targeted by bad actors, organisations can reduce their security risk by patching applications as soon as the application patches are made available by the vendors.

Organisations need confidence that their patching application regimes are working so that application patches are reaching all their devices routinely and no applications are unpatched and vulnerable.

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Why is patching applications important?

The purpose of patching applications is to reduce the risk associated with ‘bugs’ and security vulnerabilities within those applications.

By patching these vulnerabilities, organisations reduce the risk of gaps within applications that could be used by malicious actors to compromise IT security.  

Organisations need to be confident that they are using the latest version of all their applications. They also must have successfully deployed the most recent patches for all applications to all endpoints.

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is the average time it took to identify a breach in 2021 – IBM
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of companies who had a data breach or a failed audit could have prevented it by patching on time or doing configuration updates – Voke Media survey, 2016.
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of data breaches are caused by unpatched vulnerabilities – Ponemon Institute Vulnerability Survey, 2019.

Introspectus Key Features

What's the solution?

Introspectus collects details of applications installed on each computer within an organisation.

This information is then analysed to provide insights on how well the organisation is performing application patching, including a real-time view on:

  • Whether the latest versions of applications are installed on all endpoints.
  • Whether successful application patching is up to date.
  • What the patching cycle is. (i.e. how long it takes an organisation to deploy application patches from the vendor release date).
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