IT Auditing

What is IT Auditing and how does it work?

Each IT asset represents a cost to an organisation.  It also has an associated security risk that needs to be fully understood to inform your decision-making processes.

IT assets can be physical assets such as laptops, desktops, servers, etc, or software-based assets. 

Daily audits of IT assets are an essential part of managing an IT environment.

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Why is IT Auditing important?

Merely recording that an Application has been installed, is no proof that it is used, or that it is even used frequently. Applications are often installed so that staff may use them, if required. However, thousands of dollars spent on unutilised or under-utilised Applications can be better spent.

An organisation can significantly reduce software costs by monitoring who is using applications and for how long, and on which assets. When Introspectus Application Usage data is used in tandem with asset information, a holistic view of software usage for each asset is generated.

Computers can be removed from environments where they are not used and reassigned to areas where they will be better utilised.

Introspectus Key Features

What's the solution?

Introspectus adds the missing piece to the puzzle about software usage. Our reports display an accurate analysis of actual software usage on each computer.

By reducing application sprawl within an organisation, risks associated with applications can be managed and significantly reduced. 

Introspectus records when an organisation’s computers are powered up and down providing accurate power consumption data.

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