Here are some common questions on the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Essential Eight Maturity Model.

FAQs on Cyber Security

Technical FAQs

Introspectus Assessor is a security auditing tool that focuses on an organisation’s compliance with the ACSC’s Essential Eight.

Introspectus Assessor is made up of:

  • Introspectus Assessor Agent (deployed to Microsoft Windows Devices)
  • Introspectus Assessor Flight Deck (component of the Agent)
  • Introspectus Assessor Portal
  • Introspectus Assessor Advice Portal

Introspectus Assessor Agent has two modes of execution:

  • Silently – where it performs security audits on a 12-hour schedule (which is configurable) and uploads results into the web-based Portal for analysis; and
  • Using Introspectus Assessor Flight deck – which permits the execution of the application interactively form the device’s Windows System Tray, allowing real-time analysis of compliance against the testing rules.

The Introspectus Assessor Agent require the following software components:

  • Operating System:
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10, 11
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022
  • Installed Components:
    • Microsoft .Net Version 4.5.2 or greater

Yes, for a device to be included in the testing and reporting, the Introspectus Assessor Agent needs to be installed.

Introspectus provides the Introspectus Assessor Agent as a Microsoft MSI file that can be downloaded from the Introspectus Assessor Portal. We also provide you with sample MSI execution strings to simplify installation or to include in your organisation’s standard MSI installation product.

Yes, Introspectus Assessor is provided as a Software-as-a-Service solution.

Licenses to use Introspectus Assessor can be purchased directly from our website here, through one of our resellers, or directly from us.

Yes. You can download a free, limited trial version of Introspectus Assessor here . The trial version has some limited functionality but will allow you to evaluate whether this solution is of value to your organisation.

Yes. Once you register with the Introspectus Assessor Portal, you will be provided with a license key and be able to download the Introspectus Assessor Agent to install on your devices. We provide you with an MSI installation string that you can use to install the Agent, either manually or using your standard MSI installation product. Alternatively, you may choose to run the installation manually in verbose mode, where you get to review and accept each step of the installation.

Yes. Introspectus Assessor requires two-factor authentication in order to use the product. All logins to the Portal or Flight Deck need 2FA.

Introspectus Assessor uses end-to-end encryption of data. When data is transferred from the Introspectus Assessor Agent to the Introspectus Assessor Portal, it is done so using only TLS1.2 and TLS1.3.

Introspectus Assessor stores all data encrypted “at rest”.

All data is stored within Australian data centres and managed by Australian staff.

Essential Eight FAQs

Essential Eight is a set of strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents. These eight primary mitigation strategies make it much more difficult for attackers to gain access to IT systems or processes essential to the operation of your business.

Essential Eight will help your organisation mitigate cyber security incidents caused by various cyber threats. These strategies are part of recommendations from the ACSC.

To assist organisations with their implementation of the Essential Eight, Maturity Levels have been defined based on mitigating increasing levels of adversary tradecraft (i.e, tools, tactics, techniques, and procedures) and targeting. They are designed to assist Australian organisations implement the Essential Eight in a graduated manner.

In determining the relevant Maturity Level, an organisation needs to consider:

  • The likelihood of being targeted (which is influenced by their desirability to adversaries),
  • The consequences of a cyber security incident,
  • The requirement for the confidentiality of its data,
  • The requirement for the availability and integrity of systems and data.

All Australian businesses with an annual turnover of $3 million are required to report data breaches within 72 hours to affected customers and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

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